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Toyota Unser 1.8 AT- NGV Powered - David Chan Story


David 800size


My story started when I first met Dr. Xander Thong through my friend, Mr Leong Cheng Chow. They were discussing about the various problems regarding the Sequential Injection System for NGV conversion. What's that I thought, and starting to kat-poh-chit (curious) to know what the discussion is all about.



At first, it was rocket-science as I ear-dropped on their conversation. At one point, I asked for explanation on certain words, like CNG Injection dead time, K-Mapping and lambda readings. Suddenly, they realised that I was actually listening, instead of trying to get a couple cup of free coffee. 



As an insurance manager, one thing that caught my attention is 70% petrol savings and no credit debt as NGV station accepts only cash. Paying for 150km gas at RM8.90 is too irresistible, as I travel about 3,500km per month at +RM900.00. I am hooked there and then! And this is how I got started into the NGV conversion idea.



On 21 May 2007, I drove my Toyota Unser 1.8 (1998) into Hijau DTCC at Jalan Kuching, next to Makro Selayang. Dr Xander Thong came to personally explain to me the possible after conversion effects:


(a) A possible overheating on the vehicle, as the radiator is old, dirt and in need of a radiator flush & cleaning;


(b) A possible 2-3 weeks teething problem involving the vehicle engine during NGV mode; and 


(c) I need to learn how and what NGV really is. (Now, I know it is great to drive on NGV as it is cheap and the vehicle moving very smoothly)



Kumpulan Hijau DTRC did several test on the vehicle systems, like engine compression test, ECU reading & others. After the tests, they strongly recommended me to convert my Toyota Unser first and rectify any problem that can arise. The radiator flush and service is needed, along with Automatic Transmisson Fluid oil change is a MUST. Okay, I have not done any of that since I first bought the car.



I left my Toyota Unser for 5 days as I wanted the best workmanship possible. I can alway wait for my soon-to-be Toyota Hijau Unser 1.8 AT NGV-Powered. Every 2 days, I dropped by the Hijau DTRC and inspected their progress. 


To my surprise, Hijau Rebuilders (that is what they called their mechanics) removed all my third row seat and made measurement for the cylinder. They keep my third row seat nicely wrapped with a white plastic cover while it is placed on their workshop. I am pretty happy that kept my seat clean. After they have mounted the cylinder and bracket, the seat was reinstalled as it was before.



Toyota Unser Cylinder Mounting

A 58Liter CNG Cylinder



I have opted for a RM6,800 conversion package. This is a sequential injection system that uses Computer-Controller to inject gas. The gas is injector through 4 injectors mounting on top of the engine. My system is a Landi Renzo Omegas and has system safety. In an event of running out of gas, the Landi Renzo system will change back to petrol and sound out a buzzer alarm. If the gas system is faulty, it will only allow me to use petrol mode. I need to return to Hijau or its service network to check and repair any fault.



Toyota Unser Injectors

 NGV Gas Injectors


As for problem after installation, I have a few. Firstly, the idling was poor and Hijau Rebuilder was very cooperative and 'somehow' they are not afraid to face my complaints. They seems to be not surprised that I will have idling problem. After a simple diagnosis, they attached a bypass wire (green in colour as picture before) to overcome my idling stepper motor (found in all unser engine). Immediately, the idling was reduced. It turned out that my Idling Stepper Motor (for air-conditioning unit) is partial faulty but worked alright on petrol. The gas mode suffered with poor idling.

With that I replaced the Idling Stepper Motor and gas works perfectly well.


Unser Poor Idling

 Bypass Wire for Diagnostic (Green Wire)














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